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I love telling stories through art.  Whether in video games, illustrated books, videos, animation, or cave paintings telling a story is, to me, perhaps the most important part of creating art. Comics are a fantastic way to do this. They provide the artistic and literary medium for both artists and writers to tell their story.

Sometime a story isn’t long enough for a comic series, or even a book but these stories still need to be told.  I have several comic short stories.  These stories range from dark stories of ruination to sweet playful stories. You can see many of them in my blog on Tumblr.

My first serial comic I did was a web comic flower Girl.  It’s about a young tulip sprite that gets picked from a field and delivered to a home in the city and the adventures that ensue. The story is entirely wordless as the main character is deaf. It is available on my Tumblr Page Here

My second comic was a single issue comic book exploring grief.  I made it when a close friend of our family, my sister’s best friend, passed away from leukemia.  It has two parts “The Accompanying Silence” which looks at the stark differences we noted the first time we walked in the house after she was gone.  That is followed by the title story “Until Then” A poem and images that accompany it from the point of view of Lauren who unlike us, had to say goodbye to everyone.

Until Then is available on my online store here $1 from every purchase will go towards cancer charities and research in memory of Lauren.

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My current comic project is Oddity.  This is a serial comic which follows the life of Addity Niwa after she made a deal with a demon and some of the consequences of that decision.  She is now faced with the monumental task of trying to regain her soul, in a darker world she knew nothing about until she made the deal.

Oddity: No Good Deed #1 and 2 are available on my online store here


Oddity: #3, is due out later this year