Memento Mori

Lethe is so afraid of death she has torn her soul to pieces.

The little paper girl took her little paper soul and scattered it in the winds.

Anivus, God of Death, must find the pieces or Lethe’s soul, which are scattered through her mind, while also trying to discover what has happened to his twin sister Laicha, God of Fate.

Memento Mori, the first game I made, is an action RPG game.  You play as Anivus, God of Death, as she tries to fulfil her duty and collect the soul of Lethe, despite Lethe’s attempt to elude Anivus and its ramifications. This is a short overhead view game with secret rooms, hidden items, and multiple endings depending on actions taken during the game. Can you find all it’s secrets?

Some of the music for Memento Mori was provided by Admiral Uploader, who can be found here.

Download the game:

Paper Gods – PreProduction

Albany Grey blinked and opened her eyes to something new.

Through a forest made of flesh and bone, she walks into a lost village, cursed by two lovers forsaken by fate.

Find the Paper Gods. Save the lovers, save the town, save yourself.

Paper Gods is the working title for a watercolor RPG Horror game.  Maps, objects and characters will all be hand drawn and painted artwork.

All images seen here are either Pre-Alpha gameplay assets or concept art.

Music will be composed by me and by Admiral Uploader who can be found here.