What I Do

I enjoy all kinds of art.  I’ve worked mostly in ink and watercolor, however I’ve also done acrylic paints, sculpture, marker, pen and pencil sketches, clay, cloth, wood, a lot of cardboard unfortunately and several other less traditional materials. I’ve done digital art and drawn and painted on a tablet, photography, video, animation and audio pieces.  In essence if you can create with it, I like it!

It’s about the art…

Art isn’t just a choice for me, it’s a passion of mine. I may sell art to pay the bills, but I don’t make art to sell it, I make art to express myself. I want to use my art to tell a story to anyone who will listen, even if it’s just the crickets.

I encourage anyone who reads this to express themselves in a positive way through whatever art you find calls to you. There are so many methods and mediums available, now more than ever before in recorded history. Technology provides new materials, new ways to produce and record art, and new way to display your art to those who want to experience it. Music, writing, drama, painting, sculpture, video and so many more ways to put yourself out there. I know it can be scary, but let yourselves be heard!

Brianna ‘Pi’ Crozier