How Can I Help?

You say to yourself “This Artist is awesome, how can I help her out?”  

There are a lot of ways,  the simplest is financially.

You can buy my artwork or comics. They’re available for sale online here, at the retail locations listed below, and at the conventions I or my minions go to.

You don’t have wall space for new art? No problem, many of my pieces are available as T-Shirts and necklaces. We don’t have a print you want, not an issue, order a commission.

You can also support us on Patreon, we have several levels of support and several rewards available, take a look at  You can also make one time donations through our online store.

I Don’t have the budget for artwork right now, what then?  

Share the love!

Follow me on Facebook, Tumblr,  Pinterest, Twitch and Youtube.  Share and repost what i’m doing and let people know about the comic, painting, or video you love.  Getting the word out to people about me is just as important, if not more important, than buying my work.

You’ve already shared, don’t be afraid to share again. I don’t want you to spam everyone you know but don’t be afraid to share what you find interesting about me, social media is a fickle place and the more people see and react to something the more likely other people are to do the same.

Also if you know of authors, artists, youtoobers, or other creators let them know about me, or message me with their info so I can connect with them. If you know of someone looking for a custom artwork for their office, baby or wedding announcement or anything else, let them know how to find me. Word of mouth is the best advertising I, or any other new artist, can get.

I’ve done all that, is there anything else I can do? 

Tell me how much you like what I do.  Tell me what you like and what you would like to see more of.  Knowing that people ARE looking and listening, that people are aware of what I’m doing and like it is a huge boost to my morale. Getting feed back so I can make thing better and knowing that I have made an impact keeps me going.

I’ve bought, shared, and pestered you non-stop, any other options you can imageine? 

I love you, you’re my best fan!

The last way I can think to help is to tell your local events about me.  Let them know you want me there if enought people say something maybe they’ll invite me to attend.  Getting invited to attend is a fantastic way let more people know who I am and what I do and help me get into new areas as well.

You can also ask your local comic shop or art gallery if they carry anything from Brianna Crozier.  If they’re interested in having my work or want to learn more send them here, or send me their info so I can get in touch.

Retail location where my books or art are available…

Mayhem Comics – Des Moines IA

Inklings Books and Coffee Shop – Blue Springs MO

A to Z Comics – Blue Springs MO