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Hello! My name is Bri, and I’m an artist!

My favorite thing to do is to sit down and draw the pretty, unusual, and sometimes downright disturbing things that pop into my head. My dream is to tell stories in any media that fits weather it’s comics, movies, animation or video games.  I do a lot of costume and character design, so my art tends to focus on the clothing, costumes and hair of my characters rather than their face, skin, and expressions. Though I do enjoy doing full characters, I think it adds a nice air of mystery to my paintings.

When I’m not designing things, I’m probably reading books (Young Adult, Comics, and Manga are my favorite!) or watching various anime, Doctor Who, Marvel Productions, almost anything on YouTube, or playing video games, among any other number of other geeky, nerdy things. If you can’t tell my art is heavily influenced by the things I love, from Japanese art to comics to video games, it’s probably popped up in my art at some point. With all the things I love to paint, I hope you can find something you love too! And if you don’t (or have a suggestion for shows, books, or games I should play) go ahead and talk to me on my Facebook page or blog! I love hearing from fans! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

About Me
I’m twenty, and I have been doing art for pretty much my whole life, but only a few years ago did it become my career. Before becoming an artist, I wanted to be a zoologist, and while I still support STEM women and girls, I decided that path just wasn’t for me. When my parents had the pleasure to meet Jen from Epbot (one of my internet heroes) she saw my art and told me I should start selling at cons. So, the next year, I set up at my local con, Planet Comicon, and began my journey to the artist I am now! My art has changed and grown since my first con and I am grateful to all the people who have encouraged and bought art from me! You guys are what keeps me going. The best part of this for me is to see your expressions when I finish a commission, or when you find one of my pieces you love.

I’m now a sophmore at college.  I was accepted at KCAI where I am dual majoring in Illustration and Creative writing. I am excited and a little nervous for this chance for my art to grow. I relish the idea of being pushed by my teachers and peers to become better and expand my abilities, but it’s a little scary stepping into this unknown world.  Sadly it also means I won’t be able to attend as many cons.  My parents, siblings, and friends will help me there so Bri Pi Art will still be going, but you may not get to see quite as much of me for the next few years.  I regret this mostly because it’s you, my fans, who helped me achieve this goal of mine and I don’t want to let you down.

Bri π Crozier